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Ecommerce Braintrust

Dec 6, 2017

The much-anticipated launch of Amazon Australia has been an issue near and dear to Kiri’s heart since the news first dropped. As of the recording of this podcast, the launch, so far, has been a soft one. While many Australians still find themselves lacking a many of the biggest draws of buying on Amazon, the team at Bobsled remains hopeful that Amazon Australia will become an important player in Australian ecommerce.


Now that the launch is official, Kiri and Julie are bringing you an interview that was recorded just a few days before Amazon Australia launched. Scott Kilmartin is an Australian business owner and market specialist who bought into ecommerce early. Scott began selling online before there were even selling platforms. He coded them himself. As an Australian hugely invested in ecommerce, the launch of Amazon Australia was of particular interest to him. His new audio documentary, “David Verses Amazon,” digs deep into Amazon’s inevitable expansion into the Australian market. His unique perspective on the Australian economy, consumers, and predicted market trends ring true. 


Even though the launch has already happened, the interview with Scott is still incredibly informative for brands who might be considering the leap to Amazon Australia. The Australians have long been maligned by “Shipping Not Available In Your Area” messages, but the light is finally shining on the small but influential country. Today, you will learn exactly why the launch is an interesting case study in ecommerce, and why it could potentially pattern the next moves online retailers will need to take in order to be globally successful. 


What You Will Learn In This Episode

  • Where consumers and retailers fall as far as bringing Amazon to Australia. 
  • Kiri’s Supermarket analogy explains why Amazon in Australia is a good thing. 
  • Australia’s experience is similar to Canada and the UK. 
  • The widespread impacts on share prices for Australian businesses. 
  • Why Amazon has chosen 2017/2018 to launch in Australia. 
  • Books, Technology, and Clothing are the biggest influences Amazon will have in Australia. 
  • Australia is strategic for Amazon as they try to become the largest force in home and voice goods. 
  • Perspectives for our U.S. audience on Australian consumer habits and patterns. 
  • Which purchase trends will be huge in Australia. 
  • What’s up next for Scott and his audio documentary. 
  • What is different about this launch as compared to other launches. 
  • The notable absences from Amazon Australia, including Prime.
  • There will be a lot more seller/customer communication since Amazon is largely untested.


Amazon Australia has launched! Here’s where to sign up to apply to sell as a Marketplace Seller.

Online/Offline - Scott’s weekly interview series with retailers and brands

David Versus Amazon - Scott’s 10-part audio documentary about Amazon Australia. 

Link to Kiri’s write-up of the Amazon Australia launch - what’s missing?