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Ecommerce Braintrust

Dec 27, 2018

The end of 2018 is in sight and it's been a really interesting year for the podcast. We've managed to cover a wide variety of different Amazon topics, and answered lots of questions from our clients and prospects at Bobsled Marketing. Going forward into 2019, we will be bringing more of the Bobsled Marketing team...

Dec 18, 2018


Although Amazon wants to simplify things for customers, this doesn't always translate in a similar way for sellers. Today's topic is about a point of frustration for newer sellers and vendors on Amazon, and a cause of concern for brands.

Merchants don't want a high product return rate because of the implied...

Dec 11, 2018


This week, we're running another interview with Armin Alispahic, one of the Project Managers here at Bobsled Marketing. Armin was on the show last week and we had a really interesting conversation about vendor and seller fee reimbursements.

But today Armin is back to discuss a rather sensitive subject. He is...

Dec 4, 2018



You might be able to make money listening to this episode! We're talking about fee reimbursements on Vendor Central and Seller Central today. And this is something that we, at Bobsled, have been focusing on a lot lately. Get the insights and learn how to get the money that is rightfully yours back from...

Nov 27, 2018



This week we are rolling out another great discussion we recorded live at 2018. This time we had the pleasure to interview Ravi Raj of Passage AI, a conversational AI platform that builds chatbots for businesses.

Ravi shared with us the fact that many of the Passage AI customers come from retail,...