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Ecommerce Braintrust

Mar 5, 2024

In this episode, host Kiri Masters interviews Ash McMullen, the e-commerce lead at Advantice Health, the company that manufactures the brands Amlactin, Kerasal, and more. 

Ash recently presented a case study about Advantice’s portfolio brand “Triple Paste” at eTail West in Palm Springs, sharing how a strategic re-launch of this brand on Amazon ultimately led the product to become a top-3 seller in its category and 5X-ing total sales on Amazon within 2 years. 

In this conversation you’ll learn:

  1. How a ‘full-funnel’ approach was key to success  - looking beyond ROAS (even planning for deteriorating ROAS in the journey) was key. Ash discusses the need to shift focus from traditional metrics like ROAS to broader, more relevant metrics aligned with the overall strategy. This shift allows for a more comprehensive evaluation of campaign success.

  2. The number one component for the re-launch? “Content, content, content” and how Ash positions investment in content to executives.  

  3. How a product variation strategy enhances the shopper experience. 

  4. How to have a great relationship with your finance team. Ash values collaboration between different teams, particularly with the finance team, to align marketing tactics with content strategies.

  5. Leading Indicators like new-to-brand percentage, traffic source analysis, and overall sales trends to ensure you’re tracking toward a bigger goal like market share. 

  6. What Ash is excited about in ecommerce, and what she’s changed her mind about.