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Ecommerce Braintrust

Nov 6, 2018


Today we’re sharing with you a really interesting discussion with Bobsled CEO Kiri Masters and PPC Manager Stefan Jordev. Stefan is a really experienced Amazon PPC practitioner and he has been with Bobsled for over two years now. Though he’s been on the show before, this is a really exciting topic for Stefan as it touches upon all the different innovations Amazon is expected to be rolling out within the next few months and going forward into 2019.

Recently, Amazon leaked a video on their YouTube Channel giving away some notable changes on Amazon Advertising. This stirred up some excitement here at Bobsled, but Amazon removed the video after just a few hours. It was clearly an accident, however, it did give a preview of the innovations that we can expect. Tune in today to find out more!


  • Stefan explains what the upcoming changes are, and why they are significant for advertisers on Amazon.
  • Stefan gives us a definition of what's happening, and an overview of the features that are being rolled out.
  • The manual targeting campaigns have a lot more features for refining your targeting options than product display ads have.
  • Things have definitely been made easier now for advertisers.
  • The approval time is faster now for advertisers.
  • We will probably be getting more beta for product display ads in AMS than we've been getting currently.
  • The ability to refine how you target will help to lower costs.
  • Amazon has done a great job of allowing all these categories and products to be targeted, with enough data to make informed campaign decisions to improve things.
  • Individually, these changes don't seem related. In the bigger picture, however, all these features could become consolidated on one large advertising platform on Amazon.
  • Some of the changes that Stefan foresees with advertising features for 2019.
  • Amazon is spending money on improving their platform and making it better for everyone.
  • Retargeting options within Seller Central are most likely on the horizon.
  • Amazon offers some unique features which could allow for more innovation with its advertising campaigns.
  • Some potential blowback that could come from these advertising campaigns.
  • Amazon has a completely different value proposition for advertisers to Facebook and Google, due to all the first-hand information they get.
  • More about the changes to Amazon's Ad Success Programs.