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Ecommerce Braintrust

Nov 29, 2017

If your brand has been successfully selling on Amazon for a while now, it is time to start bundling. What exactly is a bundle? At Bobsled, we like to think of it as a selection of complementary products from your catalog that are sold as one unit. Bundling is an excellent way to expand your catalog and improve your margins too. 


Before we get too deep into bundling strategies, we wanted to make sure you know why it is worth your while to embrace the bundle! Q4 is the perfect time to test out a bundle because consumers love gift sets. Seasonal holidays are the perfect opportunity for your brand to market gifts and items that consumers often buy together. Use a little creativity, and think deeply about how products in your catalog might be used together. It will certainly bolster your brand, and it might even protect your brand’s presence in the process. 


Bundling is a winning solution, but we want you to know only the best strategies for getting started. Yes, creating a bundle is a quick win, but make sure to do your research. This podcast is a great place to start. Be thoughtful and strategic, set yourself up for success, and then bundle up!

Show Highlights:

  • An exact definition of a bundle vs a multipack. 
  • A few examples of a bundle. 
  • Bundles can improve your Amazon SEO and PCP.
  • When a bundle is helpful for your brand. 
  • Think about bundles in terms of gifting. 
  • Fulfillment fees are lower for bundles. 
  • Protect your brand with bundles. 
  • Discover the optimal time to generate bundles within your brand.
  • Use your Amazon analytics to discover products that are ordered together. 
  • There are costs involved in generating a bundle, so make sure you do your research. 
  • You do not need to look exclusively in your own catalog to generate a bundle. 
  • Less is more! Don’t confuse your customer.