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Ecommerce Braintrust

Nov 13, 2018

We dedicated this week’s episode to offering a clear overview of Amazon's Transparency program and clearing up any misconceptions that we recently came across. Amazon launched Transparency towards the end of 2017. It was first introduced in a beta, or pilot format and until a few months ago, Amazon has been slowly enrolling brands into it. In the last few months, however, in a bid to prevent counterfeiting, they have been putting a lot more effort into the program and things have been picking up speed. 


Amazon is not offering a lot of content about this program and that caused a lot of misconceptions about Transparency, its function and application. Also, incorrect and inaccurate information given out by representatives from the Central Seller Support team has resulted in a lot of misinformation being spread around in the marketplace. So today we hope to clear up these misconceptions with some information directly from Amazon's Transparency team. We will also give you a rundown of what the program is used for, and what it's been designed to achieve. Tune in to find out more.



  • Transparency is not designed or allowed to be used as a vendor management program. 
  • What Amazon considers to be a violation.
  • What Transparency actually is.
  • How Transparency works and how you enroll your products into it.
  • The safeguards that have been put in place.
  • The importance of labeling products correctly.
  • How Transparency addresses counterfeit issues.
  • The way that the inventory codes are used.
  • Some case studies with brands that have enrolled in Transparency and the results they have seen.
  • How Transparency worked for Beard Head, a company which had extensive issues with counterfeiting.
  • An overview of Transparency's pricing structure.
  • Transparency will be free for the next six months for 100 000 codes.
  • Beardhead found Transparency to work very smoothly.
  • It's best to follow Amazon and focus on what they're doing.
  • Amazon rolled free program for sellers called Enhance Brand Content.
  • Amazon sees a huge benefit in having enhanced visual content on millions of product pages.
  • Amazon really cares about Transparency and counterfeit protection.
  • Some of the risks and drawbacks of the Transparency program.
  • Amazon's real reason for doing the Transparency program.







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