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Ecommerce Braintrust

Apr 9, 2019

Leon Lewis is on the show today! He is the Ecommerce Manager of REBBL, a beverage company which is part of a very interesting but challenging category. Leon comes on the show with so much knowledge to share, as he started tapping into Ecommerce very early in his life. And today we are approaching the evolution of Amazon’s role in the Ecommerce space, the importance of building real value for an ever-evolving consumer and the next steps after experiencing so much digital growth.

REBBL is a cause and mission-driven brand initially started by a non-profit called Not for Sale. REBBL has identified the issue of unhealthy labor practices and works directly with their growers to help the community. Merging that with a clean, functional and delicious product, REBBL is a brand that found its essence. But even considering that, Amazon can represent a challenge for a perishable product.

Tune in to hear Leon’s story about how REBBL is tackling the challenges of today’s dynamic Ecommerce scene.


Prior to joining REBBL, Leon was a Senior Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Manager at Health Warrior and a Brand Director for the world's top-selling ukulele brand, Lanikai Ukulele. Leon started his first digitally native brand as a child when he was only 12 years old, and since then he watched the impressive evolution of the space. Being in the industry for such a long time allowed Leon to gather vast knowledge and insights that will definitely be valuable to you.