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Ecommerce Braintrust

Sep 25, 2018

It was a great experience to podcast live from 2018, a conference dedicated to digital retail innovation. We got the chance to meet some of the best and brightest industry experts and we actually interviewed a few of the exhibitors at the event in Las Vegas. This week, we are sharing with you an interview with Tomas Diaz, the CEO of flexReceipts and a seasoned leader and expert on the needs of retail consumers.

At, Tomas gave a talk called “The Essential Email That Can Boost Your Entire Personalization Program” and in today's interview Tomas talks about how flexReceipts helps personalize and optimize communication and increase engagement with customers.

Tune in today and learn new ways to increase sales through personalized engagement strategies.

flexReceipts is based in Orlando, California and they've been in business for about seven years. Tomas Diaz is responsible for strategy and growth at rapidly expanding company, through their flagship product, the Smart Email Receipt, a more engaging alternative to standard email or flat, PDF and paper receipts.



  • Tomas explains what flexReceipts does.
  • Tomas gives an overview of what the essential email is, and he explains what the essential email can do.
  • The way that the digital world can really overwhelm customers, so they're looking for a more personal form of engagement.
  • How electronic receipt programs can really be of benefit to retailers.
  • The upside of electronic receipt programs for brands.
  • How brands can increase their visibility and customer feedback.
  • The customer is most in love with the product, and their brand affinity is the strongest, at the time that they make the purchase.
  • The really high rate of customers opening the receipts.
  • Where the opportunity comes in, to better engage with customers, with the use of smart email receipts.
  • How retailers and brands are using flexReceipts to build their e-commerce channel.
  • Great opportunities that are to be created around bounce-backs.
  • Making things convenient for customers, to capture their engagement.
  • How flexReceipts can help brands with transactional emails on e-commerce.





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