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Ecommerce Braintrust

Jan 2, 2024

In this podcast episode, Kiri speaks with Acadia's co-founder and CEO Jared Belsky. They discuss the various options available to brand-side marketers and sales leaders for retail marketplace management. They delve into the pros and cons of four options, including in-house investment, agency support, technology companies, and resellers, providing valuable insights for ecommerce professionals as they strategize for growth in 2024.

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In today’s episode, Kiri and Jared discuss:

- Identifying the options available for brand-side marketers to seek help in achieving growth goals in the face of various challenges

- The need for clarity in understanding the differences between in-house investment, agency support, technology companies, and resellers

- Considerations for beefing up in-house investment, including justifying headcount and focusing on specialization

- The significance of understanding the economics and aligning with the business requirements when considering agency support

- Exploring the complexities and risks involved in engaging with resellers in the context of offloading operations and maintaining control over distribution, pricing, and inventory

- Evaluating scenarios when it may not be ideal to engage an agency, such as the need for specialized expertise, economic considerations, and the importance of effective client sponsorship

- The collaborative role of the client in nurturing a successful relationship with an agency and making informed decisions amidst the pressures of ecommerce growth goals for 2024