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Ecommerce Braintrust

Jul 17, 2018

Today we have Brittain Ladd on the show. He is a globally recognized expert in supply chain management strategy and operations and I came across him through the group of contributors to the Forbes retail section that he joined recently. Brittain was previously at Amazon, so he really has a lot of insight into their fresh and pantry divisions, where he was based. Listen in to find out what he has to share on today's show.


Brittain has also consulted for other retailers, like Kroger and this means that he is the perfect person to talk to about grocery and food products on Amazon. He has a really good game with making predictions, so pay close attention to the stats that he shares on the show today, about the percentages of grocery sales, both online and physical, and where he sees that going in the next few years. Today, we also discuss about how he sees Amazon working to leverage their prime memberships, relative to their acquisition of Whole Foods, and we will talk about the more tactical side of selling groceries online. Tune in to find out more.



Will Amazon pass Kroger by 2020?

Brittain's predictions for Amazon going forward.

Increasing prime membership numbers.

The way that Amazon is expanding it's grocery division.

Amazon's really huge potential.

The shift from physical to online grocery sales.

Why it's actually easier to make a profit in the world of e-commerce in London.

Grocery shopping is really a personal experience.

The challenges that certain brands have faced when transitioning from physical to online sales.

Brittains recommendation for CPG companies wanting to have an online presence.

Why so many CPG companies have failed online.

Amazon's aspirations to become a CPG company.



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