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Ecommerce Braintrust

Sep 18, 2018

Is there a secret recipe to succeed in the highly competitive beauty category on Amazon? Let’s find out! Although a number of beauty brands were initially reluctant to sell on the platform, Amazon has really made a lot of progress in attracting luxury beauty brands in the last year or so.

This is a really interesting and popular topic that we recently approached in one of our Bobsled Webinars, and we wanted to share it with our podcast subscribers as well. Your hosts for this session are CEO Kiri Masters and Project Manager Jennifer Hozer - we hope you enjoy the expert advice they shared.


Kiri and Jen broke down everything about Amazon’s beauty category, from specific and unique elements, to emerging trends, unique selling challenges or opportunities and strategic roadmaps.

Whether you work with a beauty brand or not, understanding how Amazon created unique sub-categories within the beauty category to attract luxury brands will definitely be a great learning experience. Tune in today and find out more!



  • Amazon's macro-level trends in the beauty category.
  • The luxury beauty niche experienced the biggest gains.
  • The brands that would be included in the luxury category.
  • Amazon's big push into the grocery category, prior to their whole foods acquisition.
  • Information about the gated sub-categories- and what it means to be gated.
  • How to get into a gated category on Amazon.
  • The three beauty sub-categories that are clearly a future path to growth for Amazon. 1) Professional  2) Luxury and 3) Indie Beauty (Independently owned brands)
  • Important aspects to consider to increase your chances of being accepted for each of the sub-categories on Amazon.
  • Strategies for success in launching both new and established brands on Amazon.
  • Interesting results of a recent study about the channels that people prefer, in order to try products for the first time, as compared with people's re-purchase preferences.
  • Why new sellers on Amazon really need to understand the importance of their listings touching as many senses as possible, through the screen, with their advertising.
  • Why product reviews on Amazon are really so important.
  • Why it's so important to control your brand protection on Amazon.
  • Sorting out your inventory on Amazon- especially with the Indie category.
  • What makes a really good advertising image for products on Amazon.
  • Some really effective promotional tools for beauty brands on Amazon.
  • The value of creating ongoing revenue from subscriptions.
  • Driving conversions with coupons and promotional campaigns.
  • The 'Iceberg Principle' model of selling on Amazon.




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