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Ecommerce Braintrust

Mar 21, 2018

Amazon experts have a variety of opinions about the utility of backend keywords on your product listings. At Bobsled, we want to ensure that every listing is optimized to its maximum potential, so we bring up the subject of keywords often. Backend keywords is one of our most frequently asked questions, so it seemed natural to devote an entire episode to this diverse subject. Bobsled’s keyword expert and today’s podcast guest is Stefan Jordevs, and his perspective on backend keywords is backed by his years of experience and targeted research. Today, we wanted to dig in with Stefan about how much weight these keywords carry. How important is it really? 


Stefan is going to explain how he put Amazon’s keyword algorithm to the test by comparing multiple listings with relevant keywords. He discovered that it really is best to play by the rules. Utilize those allowed 250 characters! Your listings matter more than your keywords, but backend search terms can be a powerful tool to get your products more traffic. We have a lot to learn from Stefan, so let’s get started. 


Key Takeaways 

  • Stefan shares his background with Google and why keywords are so important. 
  • Amazon users typical employ a problem-based search. 
  • Stefan predicted that Amazon would follow Google’s suit as far as keyword limitations are concerned. 
  • Backend keywords are lower in priority. 
  • How we can get customers to the listing through keywords. 
  • Stefan describes his experiment to test keywords. 
  • Really utilize those 250 characters. It is worth it! 
  • There is some overlap between your title, description, and keywords. 
  • Stefan’s recommended strategy for brands going forward.