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Ecommerce Braintrust

Mar 12, 2024

In today’s episode, hosts Kiri Masters and Julie Spear are joined by Lisa Levin, and Andreliz Bautista McGlade from the personal care brand Pharmacopia. They delve into the history of the brand, its unique journey from natural grocery stores to exclusive hotel amenities, and its recent foray into ecommerce.

Key Highlights:

- Lisa Levin shares the origins of Pharmacopia, how she transitioned from graphic design to herbal medicine, and the brand's early commitment to creating clean, toxin-free products.

- Andreliz Bautista McGlade discusses the transition of Pharmacopia from gift products to natural groceries and later into beauty, including a brief stint on QVC.

- The guests elaborate on the partnership with Hunter Amenities, the pivot to an exclusive hotel brand, and the subsequent relaunch of their aromatherapy retail line through Amazon and their own branded site.

- They discuss the challenges of expanding into various channels, managing brand identity in marketplaces, and optimizing their ecommerce strategy with the help of partners like Acadia.

- The episode also covers the performance of different sales channels, the challenges of leveraging their hotel presence for direct sales, and the unique opportunities and strategies for brand growth in the ecommerce space.