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Ecommerce Braintrust

Dec 13, 2017

Amazon is consistently launching new programs and promotions for brands to utilize. With so many new programs hitting the platform, it can be incredibly difficult to keep up. It can be challenging even for Bobsled, whose only job is to help brands effectively utilize Amazon programs exclusively. Nevertheless, it is our job to know the trends and technology on the cutting edge. 


Amazon programs are an ever-changing landscape. Today, we wanted to bring a few notable programs to your attention so that you can leverage the technology for your own brand. As Julie says, “Dynamic” is the best word to describe these programs. While Fashion Accelerator relies on a “test and react" model, other programs are designed to channel external traffic and support brand identity. Amazon is constantly rolling out more advertising features, which is good news for you. 


The bottom line is that the leading trends show Amazon is looking towards brand presence on the platform. Gone are the days when the e-commerce giant was simply a means of transaction and fulfillment. Take cues from the programming that Amazon is releasing, and see that building up a brand identity is encouraged and profitable for you.


What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • The definition of “programs” for our episode today. 
  • Look at what Amazon is paying attention to in your programs. 
  • All about Fashion Accelerator—breadth over depth. 
  • The difference between Fashion Accelerator and Amazon’s private clothing labels. 
  • Amazon Insights—a market research tool for brands. 
  • Amazon Spark is not being tied back to the product page. 
  • These programs will assist with product discovery on Amazon. 
  • PPC platforms— AMS and seller central are a huge point of interest. 
  • Ways to segment your storefront in the new model. 
  • Amazon is encouraging outside traffic to your storefront.
  • Global selling and international launches. 
  • Where we predict Amazon will go next with programming. 
  • Beta tests are in the works for Transparency. 


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