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Ecommerce Braintrust

Jan 16, 2024

In today’s episode, Kiri speaks with Jamie Roller, Associate Director of Growth Channels at Dr. Squatch. They speak about growth through the DTC channel, the channels Dr. Squatch is selling on, Amazon DSP, retail media networks, and more.

Make sure you tune in to find out more!

Jamie is the Associate Director of Growth Channels at Dr. Squatch, a men's natural personal care brand. In this role, she is responsible for driving strategy, growth, and management of Dr. Squatch's Growth/Marketplace Channels including Amazon and She has spent the last 10 years in global strategy consulting and working at several market-leading, high-growth eCommerce companies. She is obsessed with everything eCommerce and is also a productivity geek. 

In today’s episode, Kiri and Jamie discuss:

  • Jamie’s career and how she got into e-commerce.

  • About Jamie’s position as Associate Director, Growth Channels at Dr. Squatch, and which sales & marketing channels fall under her preview.

  • Org structure of the company

    • Historical growth through the DTC channel, so the org setup supports that model

    • Marketplaces/ growth reports to the marketing team

    • Retail operations have been a more recent division, and B&M has become more important recently. 

    • “We need to be where the customer shops”

  • From the outside, Dr. Squatch is doing a lot of experimentation with Amazon advertising and other marketing channels. Yours was one of the ads I first noticed with the TNF, for example. Tell us about how your company thinks of Amazon within its marketing and sales mix. 

    • Historically viewed Amazon as a BOFU acquisition channel

    • Lots of ads outside of Amazon drive high-intent purchases to Amazon (branded search). They get more branded traffic to listings to listings than there is category traffic.

    • While they would like more customers to be shopping DTC, the reality is there are some customers who prefer to shop on Amazon.

    • The TNF campaign was TOFU obviously, they saw a nice uptick of sales on the DTC site, but not so much on Amazon. Performance-oriented 

    • Testing DSP - didn't see a huge lift in sales. Customers are already coming to Amazon with high intent. They don’t want to be spending to gain awareness twice. 

    • Similarly, they will see a bump in AMZ sales when they run ads on Facebook

  • Many brands consider Amazon a distribution channel rather than a marketing channel. What do you know to be true that these other brands may not?

  • Tell us about how you address the marketing funnel/ shopper journey with various Amazon marketing products (e.g. top-of-funnel with DSP, Amazon live, BOFU with sponsored products, etc?)

    • View AMZ as primarily a BOFU channel, ROAS on branded search is super high

    • Brought on a new agency in August 2022, did a low-spend test with specific re-targeting and remarketing, didn’t see a lift, and couldn’t attribute ROAS 

  • How do you think about all the retail media networks out there (seems like a new one every 2 weeks!) and choose where to focus time and budget?

    • Amazon is still a huge channel for them - every minute she puts in a new channel, that’s a minute she has taken away from their huge AMZ business

    • It's a brand that’s very performance oriented. What they are spending time on will drive performance in 6-12 mths

    • 4 RMNs being actively managed