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Ecommerce Braintrust

Nov 22, 2022

Today Kiri speaks with two guests, Matt Krueger, Vice President of Digital (Amazon & DTC),  at EastPoint Sports, and Matt Volk, Director of Performance and Analytics for Pure Play at KEEN. They discuss retail media.

Make sure you tune in to find out more!

Matt Krueger is the Vice President of Digital (Amazon & DTC) at EastPoint Sports. He began his career with pure play sporting goods retailer under the Footlocker umbrella. He has 10+ years of eCommerce and Marketing experience in the footwear/apparel space with the past 3-5 years focusing on Amazon + Global Marketplaces. With a passion for the digital shelf, organizational transformation, and team structure; Matt has recently moved into the CPG / Hardgoods space to lead the Digital business for EastPoint Sports', a private-equity-backed company and the leader in indoor/outdoor sporting and recreational games. 

Matt Volk has spent his career in eCommerce across a variety of marketing and analytics roles, including managing data warehouses, defining paid media, and developing content management strategies. He has worked across pure play retail, DTC, and most recently the omnichannel brand side at KEEN footwear. These experiences have given him a well-rounded view of the commercial market, product lifecycle, and cross-functional requirements for success at retail. In his current role as Director of Performance and Analytics for Pure Play at KEEN, he's driving the continued digital transformation process by optimizing retail media, delivering best-in-class content, and overseeing robust analytics capabilities.

They both worked together for the retail media at KEEN.