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Ecommerce Braintrust

Jun 4, 2024

Welcome to another episode of The Ecommerce Braintrust podcast! Today, we dive into the evolving landscape of retail media with our special guests, Mike Balabanov, VP of Agency Development at Criteo, and Damiano Ciarrocchi, Senior Retail Media Manager at Acadia. 

Our host Julie Spear leads an insightful discussion on the importance of data quality, innovative formats like video, and the growing emphasis on lifetime value in retail media strategies. We're exploring the challenges of standardizing metrics across platforms, the exciting potential of in-store retail media options, and the need for a unified brand voice. 

Tune in and find out how Criteo's platforms aim to defragment the complex retail media landscape and provide actionable insights for brands and agencies. 



In this episode, Julie, Mike, and Damiano discuss: 

Navigating Retail Media Transformation

  • Data Quality & Tailored Insights: Damiano Ciarrocchi stresses the importance of high-quality data and the hurdles in providing bespoke data insights for diverse brands.

  • Innovative Retail Media Formats: Mike Balabanov dives into the significance of lifetime value and the growing need for captivating content like video and creative storytelling on retail media networks.

The Full-Funnel Strategy Revolution

  • Julie Spear highlights the comprehensive nature of modern retail media, blending top-of-funnel awareness with conversion-driven tactics. The emphasis is on employing innovative formats and maintaining a unified brand voice across all channels.

Challenges & Opportunities

  • Fragmentation & Standardization: The fragmentation in retail media networks and the importance of standardization for providing a holistic sales and marketing view.

  • Incrementality Practices: The complexities of implementing incrementality at scale, advocating for standardized metrics and enhanced data sharing to bolster growth.

New Horizons in Retail Media

  • In-Store & Offsite Media Growth: With 40% of retailers planning to offer in-store media by 2024, the potential for blended physical and digital strategies is more promising than ever.

  • Budget Management Across Platforms: Criteo’s Commerce Max aims to streamline budget allocation and attribution, offering flexibility and addressing common budget management challenges.