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Ecommerce Braintrust

Nov 1, 2017

Back in episode four, we had our colleague Stefan Jordev, Bobsled’s PPC specialist, on the show to share his tools for analyzing how effective our advertising programs really are. Today, we want to dive deep into sponsored products on Amazon. PPC analysis is an integral part of our operations, so we need to better understand how it is affecting our bottom line. With the tides turning towards the Amazon marketplace and online storefronts, we need to know now more than ever how our advertising dollars are being spent. Luckily for us, Amazon is always improving the services available to brands for analysis. 


If your brand is seeking to update and improve your advertising strategy in 2018, this is the episode for you. Stefan will not only explain how he is currently supporting brands through PPC, but he will also project the ways in which PPC is changing. We will dive into adwords, click-through rates, and other trending topics so that you can arm your strategy with knowledge. 


Also in this episode: 

  • How we use PPC differently for existing sellers v. new sellers. 
  • Stefan returns to give us his insight on sponsored products. 
  • Increased competition means an increase in rates. 
  • Get educated about keywords and click-through rates.  
  • Keyword research is important for PPC throughout time. 
  • How auto campaigns and manual campaigns can uniquely give you insight into your keyword efficacy. 
  • What new advancements in storefronts on Amazon can benefit brands in the coming years.