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Ecommerce Braintrust

Apr 6, 2021

Today we will share some knowledge about the ever-changing climate that we face in eCommerce and especially on the supply chain side of things. Our guest is Kyle Gustafson from Simpactful and recently he has done a few studies on high-impact areas, including things like trade terms with retailers, sales, organization design, management, and data management.

Kyle Gustafson is a Sr. Consultant at Simpactful, a unique CPG/Retail Consulting Firm built on "been there" industry expertise.  Simpactful offers solutions that are proven in areas like Commercial Strategy Revenue Management, eCommerce, Organizational Development, Omni Channel/Seamless Shopping, Shopper, and Consumer Insights.  Prior to joining Simpactful, Kyle held executive roles at Amazon Europe, Office Depot, and Staples leading commercial efforts including multi-channel private brands.


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