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Ecommerce Braintrust

Jul 31, 2018

How well are you keeping up with the technology available to you as an Amazon seller? 360 spin imagery is a new type of imagery which is becoming available in some categories of Amazon. This is really important to all e-commerce companies and it is also becoming increasingly important to your presence on Amazon. Today, we will be talking to Jeff Hunt, the founder, and CEO of a 360 imagery provider called Snap 36, about the results that brands are seeing with the use of 360 spin imagery.

Looking at 360 spin imagery really changes one's perception of a product in a very impressive way! Snap 36 is a futuristic company, with a 42,000 square foot warehouse in Chicago, full of really high-end, advanced photography equipment and computers. They use 360 spin photography for everything from jewelry to fancy vintage cars and now they are getting into AR and VR as well. Tune in today to find out what Jeff, who has spent thirty years in the software industry, has to tell you about the benefits of using 360 spin imagery in the field of e-commerce and on Amazon.


  • What 360 Spin Imagery does for brands and for the online shopping experience.
  • How 360 Spin Imagery helps shopper to know exactly what they're getting before they get it.
  • The results that Jeff has seen with Amazon, from the use of 360 spin imagery.
  • Why Amazon has embraced 360 spin imagery.
  • Where Snap 36 has seen the most use of 360 spin imagery.
  • The huge difference in conversion rates between companies that use spin imagery and ones that don't.
  • The huge impact that 360 spin has had on Granger's online sales.
  • What Granger has done to push the cost of creating their content down, through their suppliers.
  • The up to 30% reduction in returns experienced by some of the clients of Snap 36.
  • Where it would really make sense to make use of 360 spin images.
  • The reason that people are wanting 360-degree products for consumer goods.
  • An unusual product that has seen a major lift on topline revenue on their website, due to 360 spin imagery.
  • Why 360 imagery is currently only available to vendors on Amazon.
  • The difference, for the consumer, between video and 360 spin imagery.
  • What 360 spin imagery does for the confidence and trust of consumers.


Snap 36


Jeff Hunt