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Ecommerce Braintrust

Nov 20, 2018

We have a really great interview for you today! Danny Estner is on the show! He is the Head of Marketing for NuORDER, a cloud & mobile B2B eCommerce solution empowering brands and retailers to streamline their business operations since 2011.

We had a great discussion with Danny about the evolving relationship between brands and retailers, caused partly by the new ecosystems they had to adapt to and partly driven by Amazon and e-commerce.

If before we used to navigate through many different channels prefered by brands, now it has become clearer that these channels can be synergistic, they can exist alongside each other, and they can also be complementary to one another. In other words, it's not one channel versus the other any longer. Information found online can compliment a shopper's experience in a retail store and, similarly, the customer's experience in a retail store can compliment an online shopping experience.

For many years, the process by which brand manufacturers and retailers collaborated was pen and paper driven, and so it was slow, arduous and often error-prone. NuORDER is a technology company that helps streamline that process, as today's consumer has become accustomed to jumping online and getting all the information they need at any time.

Wholesalers realized that they had to catch up by moving to the digital sphere, and this is where NuORDER comes in. NuORDER has digitized the wholesale process to make the collaboration between brands and retailers real-time, dynamic, and online.



  • Although their primary customer is the brand, NuORDER really represents both the brand and the retailer.
  • What differentiates NuORDER from other technology platforms.
  • The study that NuORDER put together around the changing dynamics between brands and retailers.
  • Danny gives his perspective around how the relationships between brands and their buyers at retail stores have shifted.
  • Why these business models are so interesting to brands.
  • Some examples of the business models that have really been enticing to brands.
  • Why there is currently less hostility from retailers towards Amazon.
  • Amazon is evolving to be more than just an online store. It's evolving to become an online search engine.
  • Amazon is the jumping off point for many consumers for their buyer journey.
  • Consumers expect to be able to have key questions about products answered on Amazon.
  • Amazon is becoming more of a marketing channel, so it can be used strategically, as a platform for brands getting discovered and for generating social proof for their products.
  • How Danny sees brands investing more in their relationships with retailers.
  • What retailers are doing to attract brands and bring value to them.
  • Brands understand that retail plays a very important role for them, so the brand/retail relationship is actually getting stronger and more collaborative.