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Ecommerce Braintrust

Nov 27, 2018



This week we are rolling out another great discussion we recorded live at 2018. This time we had the pleasure to interview Ravi Raj of Passage AI, a conversational AI platform that builds chatbots for businesses.

Ravi shared with us the fact that many of the Passage AI customers come from retail, as the application of the AI technology in customer service and conversational commerce is very effective. One of Passage AI's larger retail customers is Kohl's, a company that successfully implemented chatbot technology through the platform. But Passage AI is looking to go even further…

Ravi has amazing insights about why AI is receiving so much attention today and what is the application of this innovative technology in e-commerce. Tune in and learn more about Ravi and Passage AI and understand how you can integrate this technology in your business.



  • Ravi explains the kind of customer service that the chatbot would provide.
  • Customer service usually triggers the chatbot, but loyalty, deals, and offers, or even finding the right product will soon follow.
  • Why there is so much movement and talk happening around AI at the moment.
  • AI is revolutionizing many industries lately, so it's going to become inherent in every business enterprise.
  • Even search engines are now being driven by AI.
  • AI is now appearing more visibly, with its many practical applications.
  • How the chatbot technology has evolved over the last five years or so.
  • Passage AI considers themselves to be the second generation of chatbots.
  • An increase in loyalty has been noticed by the Passage AI customers.
  • The instant gratification that this kind of AI technology provides.
  • AI technology recognizes individual customer preferences and offers recommendations.
  • Why this application is more relevant to mid-market customers.
  • The kind of integrations that Passage AI has with e-commerce stores.
  • How Ravi sees the future for chatbots.