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Ecommerce Braintrust

Nov 14, 2023

In this episode of The Ecommerce Braintrust, host Kiri Masters shares a special replay from "Unpacking the Digital Shelf," presented by our friends over at the Digital Shelf Institute, Peter Crosby and Lauren Livak. They’re diving into the realm of Amazon Marketing Cloud, an open database that provides deeply insightful data for advertisers, with Ross Walker, the retail media team lead at Acadia, joining them to unfold the complexities of AMC and, more importantly, how to use it to our advantage. Whether you're an executive, an e-commerce manager, or a budding data analyst, get ready for a knowledge-packed session.

Make sure you tune in to find out more!

In today’s episode, Peter, Lauren and Ross discuss:

- AMC offers the ability to positively target customers based on specific behaviors, which includes customers who added items to the cart but didn't purchase.

- Use of the AMC in remarketing to customers who were previously exposed to a campaign.

- AMC helps brands identify their prime products for generating new customers and aids in making wise marketing decisions.

- Introduction to the ASIN Overlap report aiding in predicting customers' future purchases.

- Differences in the adoption and usage maturity of the AMC among clients, ranging from unawareness to sophisticated usage.

- Successful clients often have internal abilities and use AMC data for informed marketing decisions.

- Importance and significance of the 'New to brand' metric for Amazon sellers and vendors.

- Insights offered by AMC allow a better understanding of marketing performance from a new-to-brand perspective. 

- The emergence of the incremental ROAS concept for assessing sales lift and ROAS due to increased ad spending.

- Potential improvements for Amazon Media Console, such as AI capabilities for natural language queries.

- Recommendations for incorporating AMC into future strategies by tracking new-to-brand campaigns.

- Challenges in effective utilization of data when outsourcing AMC insights to third-party tools.

- The bystander effect of very few brands using AMC to upload and anonymize CRM data to target customers through Amazon DSP.

- The importance of the 'New to brand' metric surfaced by AMC in evaluating the effectiveness of campaigns in attracting new customers.

- Possible shift towards a focus on acquiring new customers rather than upselling to existing ones in uncertain economic times.

- Features of AMC being complex and requiring understanding of writing SQL code.

- Explanation of the queries AMC offers for various stakeholders to get insights into their advertising performance. 

- The use of AMC in providing broader picture of a brand's performance on Amazon. 

- Use of AMC to target audiences based on shopper behavior, location, and other factors.