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Ecommerce Braintrust

Jul 25, 2023

Prime Day might have only just wrapped up, but it's already time for marketers to get ready for the next big Amazon sales event: a fall prime event. Amazon has not confirmed a date for this event yet, or even that it is happening. But as an agency, we’re seeing enough clues to suggest that 2023 will follow 2022 in terms of having a summer Prime event as well as a fall Prime event. 

To get our heads in the game,  Kiri speaks with several retail media managers at Acadia: Eva Tomic, Emily Ostrander, Robert Benlloch, Juan Munoz, Damiano Ciarrocchi, and Ross Walker  to gather some collective wisdom about last year’s Prime Early Access Sale, how it is likely to play out this year, and what advertising strategies they’ll be pursuing with their clients.    

The guests emphasize the importance of planning, strategy, and utilizing the right advertising approaches to make the most of major sales events and leverage them to boost brand performance in the e-commerce space, and what to expect from this year’s fall Prime event , which we speculate will be in October.


Make sure you tune in to find out more!

You can also read our recap of the July Prime Day event on the Acadia blog


In today’s episode you’ll hear:

  • The guests discuss the importance of preparing for another Prime Day-like event, possibly called "Prime Early Access Sale," before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, likely in October.

  • Experts emphasize that brands need to start preparing for this event as early as August to capitalize on it effectively.

  • The team shares recaps and insights from the recent summertime Prime Day event, highlighting the significance of the lead-in period and budget allocation for the event's success.

  • The fall event is predicted to be stronger than last year, mainly due to increased demand for deals amidst economic conditions and inflation.

  • Brands are advised to carefully strategize and optimize their participation in both Prime Day and Black Friday/Cyber Monday events to leverage unique advantages and create synergies for better performance.

  • The utilization of DS P (Display Advertising) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns are crucial in driving sales during these sales events, with a focus on optimizing different stages of the funnel for better results.

  • Brands should be aware of their seasonality and consider their customers' preferences in deciding to participate in such events.

  • Prime Day events also provide an opportunity for brands to test pricing tactics, product bundles, and advertising approaches to gather valuable insights and feedback for future strategies.

  • Full Prime Day events and early access sales can be used to promote products, gather data, and fine-tune strategies for better performance during peak sales seasons like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.