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Ecommerce Braintrust

Nov 22, 2017

We’ve touted the benefits of a hybrid model for selling on Amazon in this podcast before, so now we wanted to take the opportunity to talk exclusively about vendor central. Kiri interviews Noelle Barnes, a client project manager with us at Bobsled and a former Amazon employee with over nine years of experience. Noelle has worked in digital marketing for just about every department within Amazon, so she has firsthand experience with the types of vendors that make the most out of their Amazon selling experience. 

There is not a lot of information available about how to cultivate a successful vendor relationship on Amazon, so we have brought Noelle on the show to clarify a few of the finer issues. Seller central is a fairly intuitive platform, while vendor central is not. Today is all about bringing information to the people who truly need it. We will discuss simple housekeeping steps to keep your relationship with Amazon in the green. You will also learn how to maximize your data package to maintain a healthy seller relationship. Operational mechanics is important when you are a vendor, so we also wanted to spend plenty of time introducing you to simple ways to keep your operations up to code. 


There is a lot to discuss and to learn in this episode that you will not want to miss! 


 What You Will Learn in This Episode: 

  • Noelle shares details of her role at Bobsled and her career background with Amazon. 
  • Amazon has had innovation and customer-centered mindset in its DNA since the very beginning. 
  • Vendors often get caught in the crossfire between Amazon and their customers. 
  • Pricing is out of your hands when you are a vendor. 
  • Download your data weekly to maximize your data package. 
  • How vendors can begin to grow prosperous on Amazon. 
  • Take a close look at your listings. 
  • Pure and clean metrics are critical for renegotiation. 
  • Look at “Business Advisor” on your vendor homepage. 
  • Tips for working with an Amazon Vendor Representative. 
  • EDI is a great opportunity for larger vendors.