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Ecommerce Braintrust

Jun 4, 2019

It’s been a pleasure to interview Sarah LaVallee, the VP of Ecommerce at Wandering Bear Coffee. She shared so many nuggets of wisdom in today's conversation and you're really going to love her advice for brands looking to take on giants in their own categories.

Before joining Wandering Bear Coffee, Sarah was the director of Ecommerce at the pet brand, I And Love And You. She led both brands strategically through an Ecommerce journey where thinking faster than your competitors is essential, as profitability is key for smaller, private companies.

Sarah's recent career challenges revolved around how insurgents take over incumbents, especially when it comes to leveraging Amazon as a platform. In today's episode, Sarah talks about the contrast between the brand experience with Wandering Bear Coffee and I And Love And You, particularly as it pertains to Amazon and marketplaces because she faced two very different objectives with each of the companies.

Sarah takes us on a very interesting journey, sharing the story of how she got into Ecommerce, her achievements along her career and her perspective on Amazon. Tune in to learn more about Sarah and hear her useful tips and advice.