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Ecommerce Braintrust

Nov 12, 2019

Our guest for today is Alex Song, the CEO, and co-founder of Innovation Department, a Manhattan-based tech-powered start-up studio that builds consumer brands. At Innovation Department, they understand that Amazon is an incredible platform, and they enjoy using it to launch their brands, in parallel with their direct-to-consumer websites. Alex believes that working with Amazon, rather than against it, is the best way to help start-up brands reach audiences and build brand visibility. 

When Alex first started building his business, he set it up as a traditional incubator where he would invest passively in different direct-to-consumer businesses, while trying to create other businesses from scratch. The result of this was that Alex ended up learning from the passive investments how to do a much better job of building his other businesses. 

Then, in early 2018, he decided to focus only on the 100% wholly-owned brands that his company was building in-house. Since 2018, Amazon has taken more than half of all US e-commerce traffic and volume. So, to be successful in direct-to-consumer, Alex realized that he had to figure out how to best take advantage of the world’s largest distribution channel.


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