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Ecommerce Braintrust

Dec 19, 2023

In this episode of "The Ecommerce Braintrust" podcast, Kiri Masters and guest Armin Alispahic delve into the major changes coming to FBA fees in 2024. They discuss the intricacies of these changes and explore how they will impact sellers on Amazon's platform.

Armin is a Retail Team Lead at Acadia. He's been at the company for almost 7 years. Internally he’s known as for his encyclopedic knowledge of Amazon. Over the years, he has gained great experience in working directly with Amazon representatives to support brands in scaling up on Amazon and achieving their goals. 

Make sure you tune in to find out more!

In this episode, Kiri and Armin discuss: 

  • Introduction of the inbound placement service fee to cover the cost of transporting shipments.

  • Amazon's shift from national fulfillment to interconnected regional fulfillment networks and the resulting impact on sellers.

  • The impact of the inbound placement service fee on different types of brands and products.

  • Changes in FBA fees and the impact on sellers' costs and savings.

  • Introduction of the low-level inventory fee and its implications for sellers.

  • The ship in product packaging program and its potential to create savings for sellers.

  • Reduced referral fees for apparel products priced below $20.